The Case Against Reality: Why Evolution Hid the Truth from Our Eyes.

Thank you, Donald D. Hoffman*.

Another perspective upon “real reality” might be visibly, vanishing “in front of our eyes”
whatever we believed, to have been seeing, in the past.

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You all stay curious and healthy,
dear learning and knowledge sharing readers.

Joker vs. Parasite…

A critical analysis of anything but a reciept for “letting stem off”; instead of trying to make a “new deal” workable for both parties involved in what we call societal constructs of reality. Or not ?

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Hello world!

Welcome to the, blog.

This is my first post.
Here I will plug ideas, conversations and discussons
enabeling the interested reader, listener and sharing individuals,
to learn how to use philosophy and information distribution
to make your life better;
easier to find some sense,
in whatever you do.

And if possible doing iT, better, too.

It’s now up to you.
Stay curious and become healthier than you were yesterday.



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