by looking around.

Slavoj Zizek “enters the scene” @ minute 22.55.


Right-fully leftist…

… when talking about brain structures and the functions they do perform to enable us to “get along” in the thing we tend to call reality, even if it ends up beeing an excellent simulation ?

Or “something completely different”, indeed ?

We can learn the different options available at this moment in time.
And we can do some more research on the subject; as long as we can.

Can’t we ?
Or rather, why woulden’t we do so ?

What do you think, dear thinkers ?


Interesting …

… conversation.

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Team human.

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Prior to SMS…

… and then “life” does indeed, happen.


12 m2

… contact surface between the “to become viable enough, to be born” and the “birth-giver” a.k.a the mother.

another point-of-view building NET presence Philosophy Reisen

Essen …

….. hat “Ihren” Preis.

Und das niedrige Einkommen derer, die “Verbraucher” sein sollen,
“rechnet sich (langfristig), nicht mehr”.

… Und auch das hat dann auch: “seinen” Preis.

Welchen ?

Nun darüber lässt sich diskutieren, aber bitte sehr, erst nachem der “knurrende” Magen, “adequat ge-füllt” worden sein wirdt.

Prost oder “Prost Mahlzeit” sind im metaphorischen Sinne, zwei verschiedene Paar Schuhe oder Fussohlenschutzvorkehrungen, um genauer zu sein.
(Individuen die sowohl der deutschen wie auch der rumänischen Sprache mächtig sind, haben einen Vorteil um die Doppeldeutigkeit des Satzes vor den Klammern, zu verstehen.)

P.S. : Warum hat Henry Ford “seinen Arbeitern” das Mehrfache des damals üblichen Lohns bezahlt* ? Damit sie sich auch das Produkt das sie herstellten, leisten konnten. Und damit vielleicht und unter Anderen, einen un-beabsichtigten Aufschwung der Wirtschaft generiert ?
– – –
* = (Ford-ism) … (The Ford Motor Company was one of several hundred small automobile manufacturers that emerged between 1890 and 1910. After five years of producing automobiles, Ford introduced the Model T, which was simple and light but sturdy enough to drive on the country’s primitive roads.[7] The mass production of this automobile lowered its unit price, making it affordable for the average consumer. Furthermore, Ford substantially increased his workers’ wages[8] to combat rampant absenteeism and employee turnover, which approached 400% annually, which had the byproduct of giving them the means to become customers. That led to massive consumption. In fact, the Model T surpassed all expectations because it attained a peak of 60% of the automobile output within the United States.[9] )
– – –
Kann zu denken, geben.
Muss, aber nicht.
aber … Trotzdem.

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… 4 this, Wednesday.

Many thanks to Eric Weinstein for interviewing Tyler Cowen
on his podcast:
The Portal“.

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The Case Against Reality: Why Evolution Hid the Truth from Our Eyes.

Thank you, Donald D. Hoffman*.

Another perspective upon “real reality” might be visibly, vanishing “in front of our eyes”
whatever we believed, to have been seeing, in the past.

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* = (
and / or
another place to learn more about Donald D. Hoffman:
* a = (
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You all stay curious and healthy,
dear learning and knowledge sharing readers.



… among other things, one self.